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We have been cleaning injectors for almost as long as they have been around. We know how to get them clean. Most injector cleaning machines on the market today do not meet the requirements we need to get the job done properly. Our cleaning machine has been modified to our specific specifications learnt from many years of injector cleaning experience because we know what is required in the cleaning process. Our cleaning machine increases our capabilities to keep the work in-house assuring you a top quality service and product. We are able to service all types of petrol injectors, top, tail and centre feed electronic injectors as well as CIS injectors.

Cleaning injectors on the vehicle is a bit of hit & miss. Many have tried to take the short cut by attempting on-board cleaning but in most cases it fails. We should know, we have been there and done that a long time ago and learnt that it is not worth it. One reason for this is that in many cases only ultra-sonic cleaning will loosen the varnish from the pintles. Also there are many aspects of injector servicing that cannot be done while the injectors are still fitted to the engine.

Get the job done right the first time 100% guaranteed & get the injector cleaned & tested properly.

The steps we take to service your injectors:

  1. Check the winding resistance to make sure the injector is servicable electrically
  2. We can flow test them first before the cleaning process if a diagnosis is required (generally reserved for trade customers) otherwise we go ahead and
  3. Strip the injector of its filter & bottom seals
  4. Ultra-sonically clean them. (proven the best method time & time again)
  5. Place them in the test bench to finish off the cleaning process by flushing out the contaminants the ultra sound just loosened. When its finished the injectors are like new again pending whether the pintle is in good condition, this will be determined during the testing phase.
  6. Once cleaned the following tests are carried out:
  • Leakage test
  • Spray pattern
  • atomization
  • uniformity
  • flow test
  • delivery quantities are matched

If all the injectors pass every test then we

  • Fit new filter baskets and replace all the seals
  • provide a test sheet with the flow test results

Diagnostic Test

Does your engine idle rough, backfire, stall, hesitate, misses on acceleration or lack power??

Not sure if it is an injector problem or something else??

Why not have them tested first.

We can easily mount your injectors into our machine & run a test program for diagnostic purposes. We will give you a written report on the health of your injectors and advise you if they actually need a service & clean.

In most cases you can wait while we do this service, it should only take 15mins to complete and after that you will be sure if it is the injectors causing your problems. If a clean is required and we go ahead with the clean then there will be no charge for the diagnostic test.

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